Arms Underarm And Hands Laser Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Underarms Hair

Arms, Underarms & Hands Laser Hair Removal
Blackrock - Dublin

Arms, Underarms & Hands Laser Hair Removal Blackrock Dublin

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Arms, Underarms & Hands Laser Hair Removal

Boost your confidence with specialized Laser Hair Removal for arms, underarms, and hands at Your Clinic in Blackrock. Whether you're looking for targeted treatment for just underarms, complete care for hands, or full coverage for arms, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique preferences

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Laser Hair Removal Preparation: Key Steps Before Your Session

  • No Waxing or Plucking

    Objective: Ensure the hair is present in the follicle.

    Reason: Laser targets the hair root within the follicle; waxing or plucking removes it, leaving nothing for the laser to target.

  • Sun Exposure

    Objective: Maintain natural skin pigmentation.

    Reason: Lasers target dark pigments in hair but can mistakenly target tanned skin, risking skin damage.

  • Pre-Treatment Skin Prep

    Objective: Lightly exfoliate the treatment area.

    Reason: Removing dead skin cells from the surface allows the laser a clearer path to the root of the hair, reducing the chance of redness after treatment and ensuring the skin is in optimal condition. Moisturizing after exfoliation keeps the skin hydrated, further enhancing treatment results.

  • Medication Adjustments

    Objective: Adjust the use of antihistamines before your session.

    Reason: Antihistamines can affect the skin's response to laser treatment. Regular users should discontinue use 5–7 days before, and occasional users should avoid them for 48 hours prior to ensure maximum effectiveness of the laser treatment.

  • Last-Minute Shaving

    Objective: Shave your treatment areas the night before.

    Reason: Cleanly shaving ensures any hair above the skin doesn't absorb the laser's energy, which should target the root within the follicle. Proper shaving reduces the risk of red marks and ensures the laser's efficacy.

  • Important Reminder: Avoid shaving on the morning of your treatment to prevent excessive irritation.
  • Skin Preparation

    Objective: Ensure skin is free from fake tan and topical products.

    Reason: Fake tan, moisturizers, oils, and all topical products can interfere with the laser's absorption. Shower on the morning of your session to leave your skin product-free for treatment.

  • Medical Updates

    Objective: Inform us of any changes in your medical circumstances.

    Reason: New medications can cause serious reactions with laser treatments. Your skin’s safety is our top priority, so keeping us updated ensures you’re safe to proceed.

  • Pain Management

    Objective: Do not take any pain relief or medication, especially ibuprofen, on the day of treatment.

    Reason: Ibuprofen can increase skin sensitivity and bruising risk. Paracetamol is acceptable, though most clients don’t need any pain relief. We prioritize a gentle, slow approach for a comfortable experience.

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Arms, Underarms & Hands Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Can laser hair removal be done on arms, forearms, underarms, and hands?

Yes, laser hair removal for women can be effectively performed on arms, forearms, underarms, and hands. This treatment is suitable for removing unwanted hair from these areas, ensuring smooth and long-lasting results.

Yes, underarm treatments are highly effective due to the hair's color and texture, often resulting in significant hair reduction.

Laser hair removal can achieve an 80% - 90% reduction in hair growth on the arms. While significant, some maintenance treatments may be necessary over time to maintain smoothness.

Yes, most clients require 6-10 sessions to achieve optimal hair reduction, as the laser targets hair in the active growth phase.

Some mild discomfort or snapping sensation may be felt, but cooling devices can help minimize this.

Some mild discomfort or snapping sensation may be felt, but cooling devices can help minimize this.

The approach is similar, but special care is taken due to the skin's sensitivity and the hair's fineness in these areas.

Shave the area 24 hours before your treatment. Avoid sun exposure, tanning products, and active skincare products for at least two weeks prior.

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